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Selasa, 10 Maret 2009


Just a couple days ago on 07/07/07, Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria married Tony Parker, the championship NBA basketball player from the San Antonio Spurs. With two high-profile stars getting hitched at a star-studded wedding event, you just knew that they were not going to skimp on their wedding bands. The two stars sealed their love and marriage with these two beautiful and unique Piaget wedding bands.

The rings are each made of two bands that are “inseperably linked, turning together for eternity.” Now isn’t that quite the romantic touch? Eva’s ring features double rows of brilliant cut diamonds, which are divided by a row of 27 square cut diamonds down the center. That makes for a total of 107 individual diamonds on this super sparkler! Eva’s band itself is made of 18k white gold, like Tony’s, which is a much simpler ring. Both of the rings also have a personalized French engraving on the inside, which was added at the couple’s request.


Diamonds are the most often used form capital by the rebels in Angola, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo use to purchase weapons (also known as the blood diamonds or conflict diamonds). The earliest diamond gems were found in India and Borneo, were they were found in riverbeds. In the early eighteenth century, deposits similar to those in India were found in Brazil. The story of diamonds in Africa began between December 1866 and February 1867, when a 15-year-old found a transparent stone on his father's farm, on the south bank of the Orange River. Within the next fifteen years, African diamond mines produced more diamonds than the India, the previous leading producer, had in the last 2,000 years. This increase in production occurred at the same time as the diamond mines in Brazil experiences a sharp decline in their production. The depletion of mines in Brazil assured that supply would remain stable and diamond prices would not fall as they previously had when Brazil over produced in the 1730s.
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Diamond Carbon

The “diamond" word comes from the Greek word, "adamas" which means unconquerable. The fact that diamonds are made up of pure carbon, and diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. Diamonds have long been a sign of wealth and fortune. Queens and Kings have worn these forms of concentrated carbon and even more countless millions people over time have yearn after them. These gems can be in form of transparent, truculent white, yellow, green, blue, or brown. We must understand the real value of these stones, and ultimately their role in war, it helps to first understand their origins and where they come form.
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Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

Caerleon Jewelry

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Sweet Diamonds

Oh wow! It could actually be a hail of diamonds right now on two planets of our solar system. A research done almost 8 years back had indicated that the chemical composition of the atmosphere of Neptune and Uranus is such, that diamonds would form under the high pressure and temperature conditions of the planet. Once these diamonds are formed, they would fall on the surface of the planet like raindrops!!!

Ooh! Wouldn’t that be a lovely sight to watch…. Diamonds raining from the heavens…

I know this is really really old news! But raining diamonds!!! That is any girls favorite dream…. Even better than raining men huh!